The App Built Specifically For You As A Homeowner

Kabinet is your encrypted space to keep track of everything for your home.

Average all time home improvement cost

Average annual home spending

Insurance claims due to natural disasters

Peace of mind with Kabinet

How is Kabinet Different From Dropbox or Google Drive?

File storage is only the beginning of Kabinet, not the end. With countless other features such as automatic cost tracking, preset folders to keep you organized, and your home professionals in one place, managing your home has never been easier. We are so much more than file storage.

Take Your Home With You Anywhere

Anything you need can be accessed in a split second, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

We Don’t Sell or Access
Your Uploads

  • AES 256 Bit encryption on every upload
  • Only you have the key to your data

Get In Control Of Your Home

From closing costs to furniture to HOA fees and more, keeping track of your home spending is a vital step towards ensuring your financial future. 

Make Insurance Claims a Cinch

You’ll be prepared for the next hurricane, flood or wildfire.

Take Ownership of Your Home

Kabinet is fully encrypted, using 256 Bit AES Encryption. Just like your online bank account. Everything you upload is private and inaccessible to Kabinet team. We only have access to your name and address which is already in the public domain.

While most homeowners keep a paper folder with records from their move-in day, this folder is never revisited until it’s time to sell or even disappears years before that moment. With Kabinet, you create a secure, interactive, and ever-evolving profile for your home – so nothing ever gets lost!

Not at all! Your account is for your eyes only; it is a profile of your homeownership that you create and have full control of.

The quality of your home matters. By having all of your home records, you can showcase this at the time of sale.

How are people using Kabinet?

Everyone uses Kabinet in a unique way.