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October 11, 2021

The future of the kitchen – is the oversized white/grey kitchen a thing of the past?

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If you’re anything like us, you love the oversized white/grey kitchen that has become the staple of luxury homes over the last 10+ years. Through speaking with kitchen and bathroom designers we are hearing that the kitchen is actually trending smaller with new construction.

A modern smaller kitchen in an otherwise large home

Years ago, the kitchen in upscale homes was hidden from view as cooking was done by help away from the family and guests. Today, the kitchen has become the showpiece of the modern home with cooking prep areas, gigantic center islands and appliances that would be useful in a restaurant! This design has gone hand in hand with the open floor plan so everyone can see the owner’s beautiful kitchen. The only issue is that these kitchens take up a massive amount of square footage in homes of this style.

No frills here, just the essentials

Many new homes being designed now are focusing on a smaller kitchen due the prevalence of delivery services throughout the country. Eating out and nightly take out have always been the staples of big city living in metropolises such as New York, but this has now made its way into the suburbs too.

Lots of storage with a smaller footprint

As the world changes post pandemic, city dwellers have moved to the suburbs but are still enjoying their nightly delivery services. This has reduced the desire for the large, spectacular kitchen. For many homeowners the kitchen has become a very expensive coffee bar which is what this new design compliments.

We will leave the open floor plan discussion for another day, but with a smaller kitchen these futuristic homes can regain valuable square footage.

Do you have a large kitchen in your home or would you prefer a smaller kitchen to gain more living room space? Let us know below!

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