Make The Most of Your Kabinet.

Your Kabinet is your personal space for everything important for your home. Think of it like an Online Home Safe.

Say goodby to paperwork – make an upload and you’re done!

Once you make your first 5 uploads, track your home spending by adding these to your Kabinet:

  • Annual property tax statement.
  • Repair bills (like your Air conditioning maintenance).
  • Major renovations or maintenance work.
  • HOA statements.

Storing everything this way has more than one advantage:

  • You can save money by keeping up with preventive maintenance.
  • Be fully covered and reimbursed in case some of your assets get damaged.
  • Easily access the contacts of previous contractors that you hired.
  • Upload documents and invoices as soon as you receive them.
  • Pair your uploads with the correct classifications so they are easy to find.
  • Use the Smart Search Bar to quickly locate what you need.
  • Share specific uploads with your accountant, financial advisor, or insurance company to make your life easier.Download the Kabinet app to access everything whenever and wherever you need it

Video learning:

Kabinet Explained

Getting Started